About us

With over 25 years of activity, Impianti SpA is the system integrator and partner of choice for telecom operators, Large Enterprise and Central and Local Public Administration organizations, with installations all over the Italian territory.

Our core business focuses on designing, supplying , constructing and maintaining all those infrastructures where Voice / Data & Video converge as key elements of each customer's requirements. Impianti SpA differentiates itself from its competitors thanks to its vast portfolio of customized solutions. We are able to offer the most innovative, reliable and efficient technologies thanks to constant updates and high technological expertise.

Three business models

Over the years Impianti SpA has developed a deep knowledge of solutions and markets and has diversified its activities into three business models:

     Managed Service Provider (MSP) of  Video Cloud, wireless, security, VoIP and video "SaaS" (Software as a Service) surveillance


    Sales Outsourcers active in building and developing brand awareness of Italian companies in international markets and in the

              development of exclusive retail channels for international brands in the Italian market

        System Integrator of value-added solutions

Sales Outsourcing

New mission to increase customers' satisfaction: to introduce the best international solutions in the Italian market, acting as a Sales Outsourcer for new and visionary foreign vendors. Our sales teams are composed by proactive senior account managers with proven experience and reputation within our target market. We focus on strategically approaching the market and on executing sales and customer support in the fastest way possible. Unlike most of Sales Outsourcers, Impianti SpA offers services of business development providing the following:

  • - Development and implementation of strategic sales plans
  • - Identification of target markets and direct access to decision makers
  • - Identification and introduction to appropriate partners and sales channels
  • - Creation and implementation of B2B lead generation and marketing activities designed to engage potential customers and partners
  • - Design and implementation of corporate events and marketing programs
  • - Creation of an extensive commercial presence in Italy